Poultry Management Services Ltd, have helped me massively with both Laura and Robin’s knowledge of their top quality products and vitamins.

I came to Laura nearly 12 months ago now with the problems I was seeing on the farm. I am sure there are many others with the same issues of water quality, bio film and enterococcus in an odd shed always letting me down. Laura and Robin talked me through their water treatment and also a vitamin programme that would aid in the bird health but also not create bio film within the lines as their vitamins are oil based and quality assured.

‘’Proof is in the pudding’’ they say and looking after 650,000 birds over 2 farms achieving 9 x420+ crop performances and collecting 2x Ross 420 gold awards along the way! Since putting my trust in Laura and Robins plan, I can say Poultry Management Services you have done me proud. Quality of Service also more than matches their knowledge and products as it’s never a problem and they are always there to help, even if it’s a Sunday morning there’s always a helpful and cheerful voice at the other end of the phone.

Chris Forster. A J Forster Ltd. 650,000 birds, Penrith, Cumbria